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How can AI improve Government services and cost effectiveness?

The British taxpayer deserves the very best and most cost-effective services from our Government, with a minimum of waste, fraud and abuse. Machine Learning, our next step in the evolution of AI, can free up to a third of data analysts’ time, allowing them to switch from mundane processing to high value work. Activities that presently consume months of code writing are completed in hours. This creates greatly improved insight and options for decision makers, leading to vast increases in value to the public.

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AI in Government

AI can benefit the public sector in a number of ways, for example:

  • provide more accurate information, forecasts and predictions leading to better outcomes
  • produce a positive social impact
  • simulate complex systems
  • improve public services
  • automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks

AI in Public Sector

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We can rapidly deploy trusted AI to address specific problems; massively increase the productivity of data scientists and analysts; and “democratise” data science throughout your organisation – making it available to everyone.

Challenge 1
Solution 1
Reduce Risk
Reduce Risk
Taxpayers deserve and expects the very best value for money for their hard earned pounds, with fraud, waste and abuse cut to an absolute minimum. Sadly there is a small but significant number of dishonest claimants who get away with untold amounts of benefits, unpaid tax and other forms of theft. An agile and effective Government will identify and eliminate these areas of loss to the public purse.

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  • Anticipate: trends
  • Detect: fraudulent claims
  • Block: internet misuse
  • Prevent: improper document handling
  • Streamline: financial modelling

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Challenge 2
Solution 2
Improve Efficiencies
Improve Efficiencies
Much official time is spent in crunching data when it could be spent more productively, on higher value work: thinking about how to interrogate the numbers, and what they really mean. Improving efficiency means automating machine learning and using advanced analytics and visualisation to get meaningful answer fast.

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  • Automate: claim payments
  • Target: interventions
  • Optimise: recruitment
  • Reduce: staff attrition
  • Accelerate: casework
  • Predict: maintenance

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Challenge 3
Solution 3
Protect The Public
Protect The Public
Security threats to our public are becoming more sophisticated and mutate more rapidly than ever before. The quantities of data now available exceed the capabilities of conventional analysis, with new sources coming on stream by the month. We cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in keeping our people, our critical national infrastructure and our way of life safe and sound.

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  • Predict: terrorist threats
  • Model: public health threats
  • Forecast: ICU occupancy
  • Pre-empt: readmissions
  • Prevent: financial crime

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Our use cases all add significant value to the effective, efficient and smooth running of organisations, to the benefit of service users, taxpayers and staff.

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High impact use cases in the Public Sector

The commercial sector, most notably in the fields of finance and insurance, have been early and aggressive adopters of AI and are now reaping the benefits. These are transferrable to the public and lead to improved quality in public services, greater cost effectiveness and reduced risk.



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