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It’s not whether AI will transform healthcare, but when.

Applying AI in healthcare is already changing the patient experience, how clinicians practice medicine, payers improving expediency to patients, care providers improving outcomes, life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry improve operating efficiencies . The journey has just begun.

The applications could involve diagnosis and treatment recommendations, patient engagement and adherence, readmission, and administrative activities. Although there are many instances in which AI can perform healthcare tasks as well or better than humans.

0of respondents believe AI will improve the patient experience.

Healthcare with Automated Machine Learning

AI in Healthcare

AI is changing healthcare, reshaping the business models’ providers in the value chain as access to data is increasingly democratised. Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning is also now being democratised by providers to solve critical key health delivery challenges and explore opportunities thus transforming the value chain.

Our automated machine learning platform makes advanced predictive analytics more accessible by reducing barriers to more accurate predictions. Download this e-book to learn about specific use cases, overcoming barriers to entry and ultimately how to deliver better health outcomes and better patient experiences with automated machine learning.

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Challenge 1
Solution 1
Automate and inform traditional processes, with new technological capabilities that empower users to optimise every function in the insurance value chain.

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  • Be a leader: in CAHPS, HEDIS, and Medicare Star quality ratings with superior healthcare analytics
  • Determine which members: are at risk of leaving your health plan
  • Improve risk adjustment: and capture the best target opportunities
  • Flag potential: fraudulent claims
  • Build precise financial: actuarial, and underwriting models for cost of care, IBNR, MLR, large claims forecasting, and premium pricing models
  • Use analytics: to understand member hospital inpatient length of stay and risk for readmission

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Challenge 2
Solution 2
Healthcare organisations must embrace new technology that helps improve outcomes, streamline operations, identify financial risks, and create healthy customers.

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  • Build more precise: patient readmission risk models
  • Optimize your revenue: cycle management and revenue prediction
  • Accurately forecast staffing needs: with predictive analytics in healthcare
  • Actively manage your patient: population health and accurately stratify your patient population risk
  • Use analytics to understand: patient length of stay and patients at risk for hospital-acquired conditions
  • Be a leader: in value-based healthcare

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Challenge 3
Solution 3
To predict the range and price of stock and inventory required to provide shipping to customers who want to purchase certain products and have them delivered on their terms.

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  • Leverage predictive analytics: to optimize your patient marketing campaigns, messaging, and call center operations
  • Increase renewals and reduce customer turnover: while actively managing the efficiency of your sales force
  • Forecast product sales: more accurately
  • Build more effective: patient/customer messaging
  • Optimize: your patient/customer messaging
  • Integrate AI-driven insights: into clinical solutions, patient engagement applications, and healthcare operating systems
  • Be a leader: in supply and demand chain planning with exceptional analytics

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All use cases underpin increasing revenue, reducing costs and delivering excellent customer service

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High value AI use cases for Healthcare

Reduce Readmissions

Accurate Predictions About ICU and ED Utilization

Determine which patients or members are less likely to adhere to prescribed drug regimens

Identify Fraudulent Payment Activity

Flag members or patients who are at risk for churn

Alert providers to patients at risk for hospital-acquired conditions

Predict patient or member length of stay

Predict No-Shows

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AI Success Stories

  • 01 / 03

    “We are using the AI Platform to make some pretty huge decisions at Steward Health Care. It’s very much a part of our growth strategy. It’s uncharted territory for healthcare”
    Executive Director

  • 02 / 03

    “Explainability is key in healthcare, and the AI platform makes it easy for our clinicians to understand the predictions and take action on those insights”

  • 03 / 03

    “The AI platform as a competitive advantage in healthcare. How else are you going to improve quality rates, or drive down medical costs, or reduce member churn, if not AI? It’s an obvious choice”
    Chief Analytics Officer